Wednesday, 11 September 2013

In The Nick of Time

Beans, peas and lettuce in production

Yesterday's goal was to empty the old wine barrel, fill it with nice new soil, put in a trellis and plant beans all before lunch. I was going great guns, until it became very apparent that a) the wine barrel is massive and required more soil than what was in the garden shed and b) lunch was pushed forward half an hour.

So I slightly altered my plans, and went to Flower Power after lunch to get more soil. At which point one of the store keepers looked at my bellie and told me in a friendly manner that I didn't need to be taking on another project. Little does he know that if it wasn't for my garden I would probably be stark raving mad and a complete heffer of a couch potato by now.

I came home, grabbed the washing off the line and got to work on filling the wine barrel with soil all in a mad rush as there wasn't much daylight left by this stage. Then I inserted a trellis, that was still roughly strung together from growing tomatoes on it, and quickly planted Green Beans, Purple Climing Beans and Peas; one on each stick. BUT not before I copped my first mosquito bite of the season. I'm an absolute shocker for trying to suck up every last bit of daylight when I'm out in the garden and the mozzies always get me. I really need to learn to run inside before the little vampires come out.

This morning I sprinkled mixed lettuce seeds around the base of the bean trellis, so fingers crossed we will be eating salad from the garden very soon.

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