Thursday, 19 September 2013

Seedling Progress

Progress in the veggie garden is slow and steady with some seedlings slowly sprouting up whilst others are shooting off. The zucchini seeds that I planted in seed raising mix and raised in the green house are fighting fit. So much so that this morning I decided to start hardening them off in the green house, which means I've taken the seed raising tray lid off them and at the moment they are exposed to the sun and wind conditions for the day. Then I will zip them back up in the green house tonight and see how they fair by tomorrow morning. Obviously the Chinese Cabbage that is growing right next to them is getting the same treatment, as are the tomato seedlings that were trying to break through the glass ceiling of the seed raising container.

Zucchini and Chinese Cabbage seedlings at day 14 of planting.
Tomato seedlings at day 14 of planting.
The seedlings that I sewed directly in the veggie garden are also starting to germinate, even though I'm considering putting a few plastic juice containers around them to protect them a bit, give them their own little green house and encourage them to grow faster..but it is possible that such a process really isn't necessary and I'm over compensating because my impatience is at maximum overload as I'm waiting for Little D to move in to her birthing position-she is currently two days late and showing no signs of wanting to enter this world.

I'm particularly excited that one of the cucumber seeds has sprouted (I'm still waiting on the others to pop out) because you can't beat home grown cucumber. It has such a fresh smell and taste to it that just can't be explained, and I can't wait to be able to go out to the veggie patch and make a salad for lunch. So it helps that the lettuce seeds in the beans and peas wine barrel are making progress. There is still no sign of action from the peas and beans though.

Cucumber seedling at day 8 of planting.

Lettuce seedlings at day 8 of planting.

In other news yesterday was the first day in months that all three chickens laid an egg, so it feels like my little suburban farmyard is finally getting back to its productive state. Now only if I had the energy to go out and turn the soil in the veggie patch where I plan on planting the tomato seedlings when they are hardened off enough. Today is a tired day-I think my lame ass 500m swim yesterday really did me in, even though I felt great when I was doing it and for about an hour afterwards.

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