Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Spring is HERE

Lunch out in the sunshine with my boys.

Finally it is spring time and I'm getting to enjoy it in all its glory as I await the arrival of my first baby.

I had lunch out by the pool in my bikini and did some reading before taking to the very neglected veggie garden, that despite being starved of attention is providing delicious strawberries from the vines that were left in from last year. That has to be the definition of happy days!

Surprise strawberries-thank you Mother Nature!

Neglected veggie garden-it is now a work in progress again.
 I must have pottered around in the veggie garden for 2 hours or so listening to Bob Marley before I realised that my feet had swollen and my ankles had disappeared, so I came back inside to get off my feet. The great news is, that after feeling exhausted this morning due to waking up every time I had a Braxton Hick or needed to roll over I'm feeling super charged thanks to the vitamin D from the sunshine and the joy I get from the veggie garden.

Warning, hippy moment-Nature charges the soul.

Kankles pictured with self seeded lettuce and parsley.

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