Friday, 13 September 2013

Swings and Round Abouts

Strawberries from my garden
As expected, today was no where near as productive as yesterday, but that isn't surprising. I did manage to have a lovely morning with my husband as we went to Coffee Brothers for a Friday treat caffeine hit and then stopped in at the local market. We got rained on at the market, but at least my veggie garden got rained on too.

I did manage to spend some time out watering the seeds (the rain hardly wet the surface), picked the ripe strawberries and also chopped some kale from the garden to make my first green smoothie. I made a few rookie errors, like adding the coconut milk in with everything else, when in hindsight it probably would have been better to blitz the fruit and veg first. I seriously tried to keep this smoothie super healthy, but the kale made the whole thing taste bitter, so I added a banana to sweeten it. This made it drinkable, but it still wasn't delicious, so I confess to adding some honey. But there is currently an unsweetened glass in the fridge, so fingers crossed I will be able to consume that for morning tea tomorrow without adding any sweetener.

Home grown kale, store brought strawberries and coconut milk
Not quite a green smoothie-strawberries, kale and banana.
That was about as good as today got. I seriously felt like baking bread but didn't since Mark is being really good at being Paleo at the moment, so I need to start searching for a good Paleo bread recipe..and other baking delights because I feel a Betty Crocker bake up coming on.

Tomorrow I might even get to Flower Power to buy a kale seedling and some basil seedlings whilst Mark is out sailing. We shall see, after such a big day of adventures yesterday all I wanted to do today was stay at home, so only time will tell what I feel like doing tomorrow morning.

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