Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Zucchini Seeds are Making an Appearance

Delicious Paleo Cacao Muesli-unpaleo-d by yoghurt...ooops

This morning started off nicely with a delicious bowl of Paleo Cacao muesli that was kindly gifted to us by our trainer. Sadly I destroyed the Paleo factor by having it with yoghurt, but what is a girl to do when there isn't any almond milk in the house. It was still super healthy, and lets just accept the fact that I need lots of calcium right now (growing a baby and all).

After enjoying breakfast on the lounge in the gorgeous sunshine it was a little hard to get the day started. I guess that is the problem when your favourite room in the house (due to the gorgeous flood of sunlight and feeling of being outside when you are sitting on the comfiest seat in the house) also has the TV in it. But after a while of relaxing Mark and I managed to pick ourselves up and go out the backyard to check out the veggies.

There isn't lots to report at the moment as the seeds that have been directly sewn in the veggie patch will probably all take approximately another week to germinate, and that's if they are feeling warm enough and the pesky ants that are crawling all through the bean and lettuce pot haven't stolen the tiny seeds. What I did spot this morning was that the tomato seedlings are making great progress, and the zucchini seeds that I sewed in a seed raising tray are starting to break the surface. Wohoo.

The tomato seedlings continue to reach for the sun.

Can you spot the zucchini seed that has burst out of the soil? Third row, second from the back.

Before lunch I managed to water the garden, put some worms in the stagnant compost bin as I really want to get it working again, and weeded the garden a bit to give the chickens some treats since it is another two egg day. I've left the two eggs in the coop to encourage the third chicken to pull her weight, so here's hoping that seeing she is the odd one out will make her perform.

In other great news, I have just finished the remainder of my green smoothie that I made yesterday and I didn't add any honey to it today. Yeah for me making progress at getting my sweet tooth back under control.

Now the decision for the afternoon is, do I go to Flower Power by myself and get a few little things that I want, or do I save that outing for a romantic date with Mark for tomorrow afternoon when he finishes sailing. Its a tough decision for someone who has had a serious case of the lazies and homebody-itis the last couple of days...and has two social commitments tonight.

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