Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Today in the Garden

 It really is an exciting time to be out in the garden at the moment; the Chinese Cabbage seedlings are growing at a steady rate and this morning I caught the first glimpse of a Yellow Pear Tomato seedling breaking through the soil. I love those sweet tiny tomatoes and can't wait to eat them straight from the garden whilst they are still warm from the sunshine.

Chinese Cabbage seedlings 6 days after planting

Yellow Pear Tomato. Can you see the tiny green spout at the back?
I also managed to plant Cucumber seeds today, so here's hoping that we will see green shoots climbing up this trellis in the next 10 days or so.

Cucumber seeds are planted at the base of this trellis.
The goal for tomorrow is to work the soil on the other side of the veggie garden and put in a trellis for a zucchini plant to grow up. In the past I've grown cucumbers and zucchinis in the veggie garden without a trellis and just let them spread out where ever they pleased. However, this season I'm fully aware that I'm taking a lot on and aiming to grow a serious variety of food, so the trellises are going to help me on my space saving mission.

With any luck I will also manage to clear a space and plant some capsicum seeds, but I'm deliberately keeping my to-do list small and manageable as I no longer have any idea of how much energy Little D is going to leave me with for the day.

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