Monday, 16 September 2013

Vitamin D vs Music

This morning I had a walk scheduled with my Mum-In-Law, but the weather intervened and the rain is keeping us locked indoors. No worries, it is forcing me to do the housework that is so easy to ignore when I'm out in the garden, and I'm finishing my labour playlist. That said, music doesn't charge me up in the way that sunshine does.

I realised when Mark and I were having a coffee date this morning that I had forgotten a whole album that I used to listen to in order to zone out on the long train ride home many years ago, so I've found the CD (yes, the CD), loaded it on the computer and added it to the labour playlist. I'm hoping that by loading the playlist on my phone today it will give Little D the message that we are ready to go. At 40 weeks we are enjoying each others exclusive company (as my midwife cleverly pointed out to me this morning, I will have to share her soon) but I'm really ready to cuddle my little lady. The midwife also told me that she isn't ready yet and "is a stubborn one", which isn't surprising really, she is just like her Mum and Dad and will be ready when shes ready, regardless of how often her family calls and messages me to see what she is up to.

My labour playlist is seriously varied with some empowering chick songs for the start of things, and then it moves on to more chilled out options as things get a little more challenging. Little D always dances to Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Florence and the Machine so they have to be in there, then there are some songs that remind me of the special people in my life, and naturally there are the 'hippy' relaxing songs that will help me get in to a meditative state for when shit gets really uncomfortable.

I'm just trying to remember that pain levels are in the mind. Of course labour is going to be painful, but the more chilled out I am, the more relaxed 'everything' will be and here's hoping that it will be more discomfort than screaming agony. Only time will tell. In the end, my mantra is that trusty  old one "no pain, no gain".

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