Thursday, 12 September 2013

What A Day

Mission accomplished-Zucchini and Capsicum seeds are planted under the rear trellis.

I don't know how I've managed to pack so much in to today, but I'm just waiting for the crash now. Hopefully it results in a good night sleep and doesn't effect me tomorrow.

What have I done today?

Well, my day started off with a walk along the Mona Vale coast line with my Mum-In-Law who has just moved in to the area, and my two dogs. The sun was out, the weather was perfect and to make things even better we saw a huge pod of dolphins feeding. There is always something great happening in nature up here on the beaches and it is so nice to have the time to be able to slow down and observe it all.....that said, we were paused up the top of the hill as my calf muscles had forgotten what an incline was. Its hard carrying an extra 10kgs alright.

My next adventure was to go and meet my husband for lunch as he called to tell me how cranky he was that he left his lunch in the fridge at home. So I picked him up and we had lunch in a local park. Admittedly this was also convenient for me as I needed to go to the shops to buy maternity clothes for this warm weather. Little D is due in 5 days so I was torn about buying new clothes, but wearing your husband's shirts because your tummy sticks out of all your summer tops is not how you feel good about yourself. And lets face it, it isn't like the baby pops out and everything goes back to normal over night. That said, I only bought two tops and didn't see any bottoms that I liked, so if my hips suddenly explode things could get interesting. And if you are reading between the lines here you will know that I have grand plans of having a baby that loves being pushed around in the stroller whilst I'm going for a walk; building my fitness and strength back up as fast as I possibly can.

Driving home from the shops I saw an Echidna a long way from the bush and on a busy main road. It was on the other side of the road that I was driving on and I was very glad to see that another lady had pulled over to rescue it. Fingers crossed the little guy is well. Yes, I know that this paragraph doesn't fit in here and is completely off topic, but it is one of those once in a lifetime things that I want to make a record of. Plus, I'm pretty chuffed by all the awesomeness nature has shown me today.

By the time I got home my belly wanted afternoon tea and what seems like my mandatory chocolate milk fix. This afternoon it came in the hot chocolate form, which is considerably healthier than my favourite; super thick, super chocolaty milkshake. Then it was time to hit the veggie garden and achieve the goal for the day before the mosquitoes got me. AND I managed it!

The Chinese Cabbage seeds just keep growing-and putting the Silverbeet, Zucchini and Cauliflower seeds to shame.

I worked the soil, added some seed raising mix, forced the trellis in to the ground and planted Capsicum (Peppers) and Zucchini (Courgette) seeds (see the leading picture). So we should expect to see germination in the next 10-14 days.

My surprise when I checked on the tomato seedlings was probably heard by the neighbours as I couldn't believe how much they have grown in one day. Yesterday the back right seedling was only just starting to emerge from the soil and today it is obviously a plant, with lots of friends to keep it company. 

Check out how much the Tomato seedlings have grown today.
In other great news two of my three chickens have laid an egg today after two of them have been having a very long holiday, fingers crossed we get another two, or maybe even three tomorrow. All in all, today has been a great day and super productive. I think I'm also supercharged from all the Vitamin D I've absorbed today, so hopefully I will be like an energiser bunny tomorrow.

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