Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gardening With My Little Lady

Miss D in her sling that enabled us to garden together

This afternoon Miss D and I planted out the tomato seedlings. It wasn't easy with her in her sling, but it sure was a nice thing to do together. Simply by being in her sling we were both settled as we were together and I had both hands free (most of the time) to plant. That said, I'm glad I'm good at squatting because bending forward was not an option, the sling has to stay close to the Mum's body to stay safe. I love the freedom that such a simple piece of material gives us, and I have my Dad to thank for giving it to me not long after I told him I was pregnant-everyone else was giving gifts for the baby and this was a gift for me, such a brilliant idea.

Back to the tomato seedlings. A few hours ago they didn't look so happy after being transplanted, so I gave them some water and walked away. Thankfully it is daylight savings so I will go and check on them before dinner tonight and take photos. Hopefully they will have bounced back by then. In all honesty I left them too late to plant out so I wouldn't be surprised if they are a total failure. I've planted them very deep in order to encourage root growth and strength as they had gotten very 'leggy' in the seeds raising trays. So now I'm crossing my fingers that they grow and fruit since they are tiny heirloom varieties that you can't just pick up from Flower Power, and in the past they have been absolutely delicious.

The lettuce is growing quickly and should probably be thinned out, but I'm going to leave them and see what happens for the time being....I will also plant some more lettuce seeds in  the next few days to have successive planting.

Lettuce that needs thinning out...eventually.

We are enjoying the odd strawberry from the garden providing I get to them before the sun dries them out or something else has a nibble at them, and Mark made a delicious mint sauce to go with our lamb dinner last night with mint from our garden. So the veggie plot is slowly starting to feed us again. I still need to find a good looking cucumber plant to make a salad though, they had some at Woolworths when I was grabbing nappies the other day, but they just didn't look healthy enough to put the effort in to, maybe Miss D and I will get to Flower Power tomorrow. We shall see....hold that, forecast for 34 degrees Celsius, we will be staying home and chilling out. That certainly isn't planting weather.

Strawberries-beginning and end.

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