Sunday, 13 October 2013

Happy Birthday Sister

These two have my heart.

As kids my sister and I would either be happily playing together or fighting. Once we even managed to put a hole in a door and then joined forces to cover up the evidence. Sadly, our parents didn't buy it that we had a Leonardo DiCaprio photo on the bottom of Lissy's bedroom door so we could lay on the floor and drool at him. As we grew up and ended up living in different houses we started to get closer. This closeness continued to grow as we matured, and throughout the last couple of years we have shared some amazingly special times together, along with some difficult ones that has made our bond so strong and priceless. We are also doing a great job at making the effort to spend more time with each other-this was also the case before Lara was born, but obviously she is now a great pulling card on her Aunty's heart strings.

My sister was the best right hand man left hand women as my Maid of Honour; making up for my lack of organisation and being my stylist for such an important day. She also made a speech that made me value my husband's and my relationship even more, just from seeing it from her perspective. But the thing that has really bonded us lately is her becoming an Aunty because I am now a Mum. Only my sister looks at my daughter the way that she does, and we both just get it. My biggest hope for my daughter is that she will be as close to her sibling as I am to my sister. We 'get' each other and share the same wickedly inappropriate, dry humour which means that we can often be cracking up laughing togehter whilst everyone else either doesn't get it, or is in total shock, and I love that about us.

Lissy, I have so much love and respect for you that words simply aren't enough. I love that we are spending so much time together these days and am so greatful that my daughter has a thoughtful, successful, stylish role model as her Aunty. Big hugs and Happy Birthday! oxox

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