Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Healthy Snack

Frittata muffins

Being in hospital for three days meant that I came home to nine eggs just waiting to be eaten, but since having Miss D I haven't felt like eggs for breakfast, so we ended up with dozens of eggs and literally no where to put them. So I made Paleo frittata muffins. They are super healthy and a quick snack that is easy to grab to eat hot or cold....just what every new Mum needs in the fridge. How did a new Mum manage to make something other than toast? I was super lucky as Miss D had a three and a half hour nap after a feed. She is just like her Mum; she likes to have a full tummy and lots of sleep...sadly her idea of lots of sleep isn't the same as mine for night time just yet, but as far as babies go she is pretty brilliant. I think Miss D somehow understands that her Mum is a monster if she is sleep deprived.

So, how did I make these frittatas? I fried up some bacon in a non stick pan, removed the cooked bacon from the pan and then used the bacon fat to cook onions and mushrooms. Bacon is amazing! Heck, pig is amazing! Then I whisked up some eggs in a pouring jug, seasoned them and added some Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to give it a bit of a kick. Yum! I spooned the mixed bacon, mushrooms and onions in to muffin trays and then poured the egg mixture over the top and put them in a 180 degrees Celsius oven until they were cooked-Miss D started to stir once they were in the oven so I really have no idea how long they were baking for, but I'd have a stab in the dark and say around fifteen minutes.

Anyway, these were super easy and quick to make and are a good source of protein. No doubt they would bind together better and taste amazing with cheese, but I wanted to keep them Paleo since my breakfasts are still jam packed full of grains. Now I just need to try adding more veggies to make them even more nutritious.

Mission for the day; vacuum the house.....and with any luck brush the malting dogs that are making me vacuum all the bloody time.

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