Monday, 28 October 2013

Lazy Sunday

Beach walk with my special ladies.

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday. The sun was out and I spent the day relaxing with my perfect baby Lara (aka Miss D), my sister and her boyfriend by the beach. Then my Dad dropped in for a cuddle with his granddaughter later in the day since he was in the area. We are so lucky to have so many great family members who make the effort to spend quality time with us.

Lissy, Pete and I started the day by getting take away coffee at Flamingos and Dingos in Newport. This tiny cafe has a great atmosphere with good old fashioned records playing real music. But for yesterday's adventure we decided to get take away coffees and stroll along the beach. This gave Aunty Lissy the chance to progress from her Ls to her green Ps for stroller driving. It also meant that we got to take in the gorgeous ocean view and smell the fresh salty air. We walked along a gravel pathway that we hadn't ventured down before and found a picnic seat in the perfect place to sit and chat, so that is exactly what we did before turning back for lunch.

We had lunch at one of my favourite restaurants on the Northern Beaches; Harvest. The atmosphere is lovely with bright furniture and friendly staff and the food is always delicious. I went all out and had the crab linguini ($24) since I haven't been able to eat crab for ages and we never cook pasta at home these days. It was DELICIOUS and so light in a chilli and butter sauce that was perfect for a hot sunny day. My sister had a beetroot and goats cheese salad ($18) with pine nuts and Pete had a fresh green bean tart ($16) that made him want to incorporate green beans in to their dinners more often. We also got lucky and sat in a booth which had the added bonus of being able to have the stroller next to us and not worry about blocking the whole restaurant. And the best part? Lara let me eat my lunch without demanding a feed herself. She is a feeding machine at the moment.

Crab Linguini, Beetroot Salad and Green Bean Tart.
Lunching with my ladies. Thanks for the pic Pete.

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