Thursday, 24 October 2013

What a Day

My favourites learning new tricks.
 Yesterday was a massive day. After letting me sleep for eight, yes 8 hours Miss D (now 4 weeks old) had a feed at 5:20am and showed no signs of making up for the feed that she slept right through, which meant that yesterday morning was the perfect time to try expressing. By the time Mark got back from training and got ready for work Miss D was hungry again, meaning that father and daughter got to try out bottle feeding for the first time together. It was such a special moment, and they both did brilliantly. I got two bonuses out of this; firstly I get to see Mark enjoy a bonding experience with Miss D similar to what I get when breast feeding her, and secondly I can look forward to being able to go to yoga on Saturday morning. Seriously, I am the luckiest new Mum ever, my baby is making my job so easy....I'm waiting for her to have a total change and become difficult, OR if she doesn't no doubt her sibling will be an absolute rodent.

Fist pump for the 8 hour sleep.

After her second breakfast Miss D had a good sleep which meant I could get out in the garden and add to the green waste pile before council collected everything. I sure have made a difference to the garden in the last few days, but there is still lots more work to be done. The veggie garden always takes priority much to the detriment of the rest of the garden, and the housework for that matter. Who cares, at the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy. So in-between feeding Miss D and getting ready to go clothes shopping (I have birthday gift vouchers, whoop whoop) I filled the far wheelie bin with green waste and added the far bundles. I was feeling like Superwoman.

What three days work (in between feeds) in the garden generates...and there is still so much more to do.
Thankfully I managed to spare a few moments to notice the little things whilst watering the veggie garden first thing in the morning, and spotted my first lady beetle of the season. I always say that lady beetles are my symbol of good luck, so maybe that is why I had such a positive shopping experience.

Spotted the first lady beetle of the season.
My shopping goals seemed a little ambitious before leaving home, however, I was hugely successful and managed to purchase two out of three of my intended items. I was chuffed finding a top and dress to brief in the first shop I walked in to. Granted working out sizes and how to work with my mumma jugs was a little tricky but I had help at hand. What surprised me was how time disappears when shopping with a new born. Obviously I had to stop shopping to tend to her basic needs, but the only way I can make sense of the whole shopping expedition taking so long is to blame it on all the other shoppers and shop assistance starring at Miss D and having a chat. Not that I'm complaining, it was nice interacting with so many friendly people.

Park Side Dress
This is my new Princess Highway dress that I can't wait to wear.

Not surprisingly today I was absolutely exhausted. I was blaming it on the five hours of shopping, and it wasn't until I started to look at the photos of my day and write about it that I managed to factor in the very early start and all the gardening I did before shopping, and then we had our first dinner outing with just the three of us, and to top that all off I've been fighting a cold. There is no wonder I fell asleep on the lounge cuddling my little girl after her second morning feed today. And I'm glad that I was able to accept the fact that I didn't clean the bathroom today, I obviously needed to rest in order to stay well enough for two. Not bad priorities at all I'd say.

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