Friday, 22 November 2013

I LOOOOOVE Mushrooms

The start of a delicious risotto-doesn't hurt to enjoy a nice glass of wine with it either.

OK, so this post is a week after the fact, but hey, I have a nine week old baby, so lets face it, I'm pretty happy to be writing right now. The Northern Beaches Friday markets used to be my regular weekly activity, that was until Mum's group started on Fridays. Since then it is pretty tricky to time things to get to the market early enough whilst still getting to Mums group on time. Thankfully I am very lucky to have in-laws that live 5 minutes up the road from me and are more than happy to grab a few things for me whilst they are at the market, and last Friday they came back with a marvellous looking bag of Portobello mushrooms for us. I've always loved mushrooms but I developed an obsession for them when I was pregnant with Lara and her arrival hasn't subsided the obsession.

Practising my knife skills on the star ingredient; Portobello mushrooms.

These mushrooms looked so amazing that I wanted to make them the star of a dish, and straight away I thought of  making a mushroom risotto. The only problem was that Mark rarely eats grains these days, and we certainly don't eat them for dinner any more. BUT, I couldn't get past the idea of a delicious, creamy, mushroom risotto, so I put the idea to Mark expecting him to say no. What he did say was "how can I say no to that?" and boy was I glad.

So I finally got to embrace my love of slow cooked dinners and over stirring things, and it just so happened that we had fancy risotto rice in the pantry-don't tell our trainer we didn't throw it out when we went on the whole foods challenge. It was the best dinner in ages, and surprisingly it was cooked by me, not Mark.

Oozy mushroom risotto was the perfect start to the weekend.

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