Monday, 18 November 2013

Thank You Mother Nature

Courgette (zucchini) flowers.

Mother Nature has seriously been helping me take care of the veggie garden the last couple of days and boy am I grateful. I was away for the weekend and it rained, and then Lara went on a feeding frenzy, feeding just about every hour for a couple of days (which meant I didn't do much more than cow duties), so mother nature stepped in again and watered the garden for me. And when it hasn't been raining there has been lots of warm sunshine. Sadly, the last few days have been rainy and cold which is crazy for Sydney in November, so I may not be thanking Mother Nature soon if she doesn't hurry up and get her ass off this acid trip and give my tomatoes the weather they deserve.


The courgettes (zucchinis) and cucumbers are lapping up all the rain and sunshine, but the tomatoes need more attention, they want more food to grow, yet the rain is stopping me from giving them a big dose of Seasol, along with the rest of the veggie garden. I also need to pull out the grass shoots in the veggie garden (which have probably gone wild with all the rain) yet again and mulch the whole bed-except for the tomatoes, they like the hot sun to dry out the soil around them. So if the rain ever stops you know where you can find me, no doubt the veggie garden will demand a whole days work by then.

Cucumber flowers-come on fruit!

This morning Mark harvested the first two zucchinis of the season. He has picked them young and early as last season we ended up with lots of large zucchini all at once and didn't know what to do with them, so we are hoping this way the plant will continue to feed us throughout the season and not just give us one big glut of courgettes.

First courgette harvest.
I took the courgette harvest photo with my phone to remind myself why I'm making a conscious effort to use Mark's DSLR again and learn how to use it properly. All the other photos in this post were taken by Mark using his camera and the difference is obvious.

Photo note: the sunlit photographs were taken on Friday.

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