Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Spot of Gardening

Lara enjoying the spoils of Christmas-and working out her arm muscles.

For Christmas Lara got absolutely spoilt, and amongst the spoiling she got a fantastic play mat that keeps her entertained for at least a good thirty minutes, and last night even stimulated her so much that she fell asleep on it, which gave me the perfect opportunity to repot some orchids and succulents that I've been wanting to care to for months. Needless to say Lara is currently sleeping on said mat as I type.

The orchids have been repotted in to larger pots and given some lovely new orchid soil so hopefully they will be ready to flower next season. Chances are that now isn't the best time of year to do such a job, but I'm learning to do things when ever I get a minute otherwise things don't get done. Plus, they are hardy little buggers that should have been repotted two years ago, so I figure that since I haven't killed them yet they will pull through the summer repotting as long as I keep them hydrated-not unlike myself to get through new years tonight.

Succulent cutting in a recycled Golden Syrup tin.

I got a little bit creative and green friendly potting up some succulents yesterday. A few weeks ago we finished a tin of Golden Syrup and the tin is so appealing to my eye that I didn't want to throw it away. Of course since having a baby we don't have as much space as we used to, and I have developed an obsession with filling up our rubbish bin and recycling bins each week. However, I really didn't want to discard of this tin, so I felt like a pure genius when I thought about planting a succulent in it. I was even more impressed with the end result, and when Mark spotted it and commented on how great it looked I was stoked. Needless to say any further Golden Syrup tins will be recycled in this manner.

My very first eggplant flower.

Whilst outside in the garden I spotted my very first eggplant flower in the veggie patch. Of course I announced this in a very proud, chirpy voice as I always do when I spot the possibility of food in my little kitchen garden. Fingers crossed we will get some delicious fruit from it very soon. I think those brown spots on the leaves are probably just an indication of the extreme weather conditions we are experiencing, but I don't know for sure. What I do know is that there is a lovely little eco-system with lady beetles, bees and spiders all enjoying my veggie garden, and it brings me great joy to see them all there.

As my last post for 2013 this is very uneventful, honestly,  I think it reflects the way I am feeling about new years. So much has happened this year that one day of marking the calendar doesn't hold much purpose to me. Tomorrow will be just another day even though it will be 2014. The good part is that I might finally feel like I'm on 'holidays' since we are going away on the boat for a night or two. Yes, I found a problem with being a stay at home mum; when everyone else isn't working they feel the joy of holidays, but for me nothing has changed. Lara and I are still hanging out 24/7, the housework still needs to be done and the pace of life has sped up for more social occasions. So a getaway is in order.  Pittwater, here I come.

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