Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lara's First Time on the Boat

Happy family finally out on the boat, on gorgeous Pittwater.

On Sunday Mark and I finally took Lara out on the boat. Before we had her we had grand plans of getting out on the water during her first two weeks of life whilst Mark was on leave, however, we had lots of visitors and visiting to do that fortnight, and before we knew it Lara was 12 weeks old. I was having withdrawals from not being out on the water for months, and was starting to feel like I was neglecting my daughter of her boating experiences. Sure we have been sitting on the beach and swimming in the pool, but being on a boat is in my blood, it is in Mark's blood, so it had to be in Lara's blood. 

Dad, winches aren't for sitting on.

The day was perfect, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze blowing. To our surprise and delight there was a TP52 regatta on which provided great entertainment....all be it confronting how different our lives are when we saw friends on board racing around. I do miss my racing days. And whilst Lara is very good at hanging out with family members without her Mum around for a few hours, which would allow me to race, I also came to the realisation a few weeks ago that my skiff sailing days are over, for a few years at least, because it isn't easy looking after little ones when you are injured. So Sunday cruising on the yacht it is for me for the time being, and hopefully the occasional twilight if I can wiggle my way on to a crew. I also not so secretly hope that Lara will want to sail a dinghy with her Mum in a few years to come.

TP52 top mark rounding.

TP52 downwind kite run.

Lara only watched a bit of the racing as I talked to her about the big red spinnaker and taught her all about the angles of sailing, but it was a lot to learn for a little person, so she had a nap on her Mummy's lap.

Mum and Daughter couldn't be more relaxed. On the water is our happy place.

Our little lady loved being on the water, she was all smiles, playing with her Daddy's mainsheet and just chilling out in the cockpit. Before we both were rocked to sleep and had a nice big nap together (she rarely sleeps for more than 20 minutes through the day).

Oh, is this yours Dad? I like it, I think I might keep it.
Gust on.

I'm just chilling in the cockpit watching Mum and Dad eat yummy stuff and some funky smelling cheese.

Lunch was a delicious deli affair with all of my favourites (that I went so many months without), although we did hold off on the alcohol and had a refreshing ginger beer. We also tried a new cheese, Brilliant Savarin which was a delicious creamy cows milk cheese. Simply snacking on food and eating with my hands is my favourite way of eating. Needless to say Sunday was my idea of a perfect day.

This is the life; soft cheese, charcuterie, pate, bagette and non-alcoholic ginger beer on Pittwater with my family.

Winches aren't for sitting on Daddy.

Am I doing it right?
Thanks to my husband for his photography skills.

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