Monday, 13 January 2014

Battle of the Wills

Lady Lara; strong mind and strong body.

Right now there is a serious battle of the wills going on at my house. Lara, our three and a half month old daughter is proving to me just how stubborn she can be. After a ridiculously big weekend she is beyond tired and fell asleep on me after a feed this morning but as soon as I put her down in her crib her eyes were wide open and she was giving me her cheeky smile. Just like her father she has learnt to fight sleep and won't listen to anyone who tries to tell her that she is tired. She thinks she knows better.

Lara is also just like me in that she is very good at vocalising. One thing she learnt on Christmas day was 'she who is loudest gets the most attention'. So now that she is laying in her cot and trying to tell me she isn't tired she just keeps increasing the volume of her scream, obviously assuming that I will come and get her eventually. Wrong, I will not be beaten.

Mark and I always knew we were going to get a stubborn mini us, it was inevitable. I just wasn't expecting to see evidence of such as strong will so early on. What are we going to do when she is fifteen?

---After 5 minutes of silence I went and checked on Lara to find her resting with her sleeping bag which she had bum shuffled to the end of her crib to get, and she obviously wrestled with her sheet because she was tucked in nicely when I put her to bed. Strong in body and mind. I won this round though.--- 

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