Monday, 6 January 2014

My Kitchen Garden

What the veggie garden and chickens gave us today.

This evening I ventured out in to the garden to gather dinner. What I found was slim pickings of lettuce (as I left it too long between succession planting), some delicious yellow tomatoes, basil, chilies and two eggs from the chickens.

Delicious salad-and a perfect example of why I need to figure out how to use the WiFi card in the DSLR.

We made a simple salad that didn't include the chili or the eggs, but just writing this makes me think that scrambled eggs with a hint of chili and chives could be a delicious breakfast tomorrow morning. To our salad we added store bought kale that we boiled in salted water before squeezing out all the moisture and leaving it to cool. There was also some store bought gourmet tomatoes thrown in. The good news is that I found kale seeds today, so I will plant some this week and see how they go. Our last homegrown kale plant gave us lots of food, so I'm hoping this time around will be just as successful.

I'm very proud of my yellow tomatoes that I've grown from seed through a crazy season-weather and lifestyle wise.

The best thing about this dinner was that Mark finally did something that I've been wanting to do for a few days now. He put Lara on the kitchen bench in her Mamas and Papas 'snug' whilst he was cooking so that Lara could be involved. She has always shown a great deal of interest being in the kitchen, and she is getting more and more interested in what I'm eating, to the point that she did enjoy mashed cauliflower with truffle, and custard on Christmas day. What can Mark and I say, our daughter has good taste.

What are you looking at?

Whilst sitting up on the kitchen bench Lara seemed interested in the kale, so Mark gave her a branch, which she decided to taste...and her reaction explains why we boiled it for ages and covered it in salt. Now I'm thinking that we should have blitzed it up and given her some to taste once it had been cooked and tasted yummy. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

This thing is cool to wave around, but I think I can put it in my mouth.

Yes, I can definitely put it in my mouth...and it doesn't taste like plastic.

Ick, guys, this is gross! How hard is it to get the effing seasoning right? said in Gordon Ramsay's voice.

I'm not impressed. I won't tell DOCS this time, but this better not happen again.
Note: My current goals (not new year resolutions, and completely unrelated to the calendar flipping over) are to take more photos with the DSLR and learn how to use it properly, and incorporate something from the garden in to every dinner. Sadly I've only shown one of those goals being achieved in this post since Mark took all of the photos. The good news is that I have been putting in the time and effort to use the real camera and get familiar with aperture priority, and I've been happy enough with some shots to put them in previous posts. Now I just need to find that WiFi SD card and work out how to get the camera and my phone playing nicely.

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