Monday, 20 January 2014

Slow Down

Lucky Sock Monkey was there for a cuddle.

Yesterday Lara started rolling from her back to her tummy. And today she is getting cranky that she can't crawl. In her true form every single time she rolled from back to front yesterday she did it whilst I wasn't watching her, but I have been lucky enough to see her do it today. It is a sheer display of strength as she lays on her side and does a torso and leg raise at the same time before throwing her body over and then giggling with self satisfaction....for a few minutes before she realises that she doesn't have the strength to crawl yet and that frustrates her.

Lara is just like me doing a workout, a lot of people will say its too hard and give up, but we try, try and try again until a) we do it or b) our muscles fatigue and we get the shits. At the moment she is at 'b', but is so determined and stubborn (another inherited trait) that I've had to put her in her crib for a nap since she keeps rolling and shuffling in her cot-the roll prevention contraption didn't work due to bum shuffling that got her out of it.

I am very proud of our little girl, and her physical and mental strength, but it feels like only yesterday that she fitted in my arms perfectly and needed help with everything. Now after a nappy change she grabs my hands for leverage so she can pull herself up in to a sitting, or standing position if she really wants to impress me. I need to set up the camera tripod and video this trick.....before she can do it all by herself.

Lara is only four months old and already telling me what she wants. How can someone so tiny and delicate develop and grow up so quickly?! I feel like she will be in high-school (and doing things I won't want to see) in the blink of an eye. But I doubt there will ever come a day when she doesn't do something that melts my heart, like the way I literally went 'awwww' when I saw her asleep cuddling sock monkey this morning.

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