Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

A bounty of Heirloom Yellow Grape Tomatoes.
I have had a great start to the day this morning. Lara slept in until about 6am, and after feeding went back to sleep, at which point I was pretty keen to go back to sleep, but instead I got up and ventured out in to the veggie garden. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but for the last week my baby has been a feeding machine all day and all night, leaving me with very little energy or time to play in the veggie garden. So whilst Lady Lara is thriving my homegrown food is dying. If you have read previous posts you will know that to me, this means I am failing at part of my 'job' which is approximately 75% mum, 15% housemaid and 10% veggie gardener...if only I could switch the housemaid and gardener part. To add insult to injury I managed to forget to turn the hose off last week (read stupidity due to exhaustion) so my new tap that Mark installed for me right near my veggie garden and chickens is now useless as the hosing under our pavement that feeds it exploded, so once again watering the veggie garden is harder than it should be. But surprisingly the mulch that I laid before the heat wave hit is doing a really good job and everything hasn't died.

Surprised by these colourful hibiscus flowers.

The walk around the garden this morning surprised me with a bounty of heirloom yellow grape tomatoes, zucchini (courgette) flowers and fruit, and a host of busy lady beetles. I used a paintbrush on the zucchini flowers to try and fertilise them in order to produce more fruit, and assessed all the work that needed doing (which hasn't been done yet. What I was really doing was active relaxation and reminding myself that I need to do it more often.

I then checked on our two new additions to our little suburban farm. Sadly, Mark got me two new chickens in an attempt to cheer me up after the only chicken that I was really bonded to died. I raised Fry from a two day old chick, she got an impacted crop which I nursed her through for days (at which point we bonded more), and she would always come up and talk to Jet, Baxter and I. One day she was perfectly happy and healthy, the next day I wash hanging the washing on the line and saw her lifeless body, that was not a nice day. But, my husband was super thoughtful and brought home two lovely chicks....I won't discuss their age and needs at the moment as I know Mark had the best of intentions. Anyway, I videoed my chicks so you can see them. They are about six or seven weeks old at the moment. We have named the red one Stevie in honour of Fry (yes I know she is the wrong colour, but she is the most friendly), but we are still stumped as to what to call the black one, nothing is really sticking at the moment. Do you have any suggestions?

There is a bit of a catch twenty-two going on in regards to the veggie garden at the moment. You see, it turns out that the early bird doesn't catch the worm, and the mosquito epidemic means that the blood sucking critters are still on the hunt at 6:45am. Then by the time I've had breakfast and fed Lara again the UV rating is extreme until you guessed it, mosquito hour is back. What is a girl to do?

Mosquito bites at 6:45am. Are you KIDDING me?
Doesn't everyone garden in their Peter Alexander shorts and funky Wellies?

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