Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tricks (Tools) of the Trade

I picked this massive zucchini from the garden and have used the Just Squeezed tool to freeze more meals for Lara

Lately I've been flooded with articles and social media posts about stay at home mums (SAHM) and working mums (WM) and how difficult both their lives are. This post certainly isn't going to touch on any of those issues, it is about how I've made my job as a stay at home mum a little easier through finding my own solutions and taking the much appreciated suggestions of others that have tried and succeeded. It is also about sharing these findings with others to pass on the love. I'm writing this post as Lara is having her morning nap....and thanks to the rain she has gone in to a nice deep slumber.

As a stay at home mum I also consider myself a housewife that needs to maintain a certain level of cleanliness, and I'm working towards that level of cleanliness at a faster rate than I thought would be necessary as Lara doesn't like the confines of her play mat and will roll all around the lounge room floor. Her nice soft, dog hair free play mat doesn't always win over solid floorboards (that make attempts at crawling a little less frustrating) that sometimes look like there is a black rug lying on them due to my moulting Labrador and Kelpie X...slight exaggeration, but you get what I mean.

For a few weeks Mark watched me going absolutely bonkers dragging out the corded vacuum cleaner everyday, and eventually just leaving it out of the cupboard plugged in to the wall. Then he got me the best Christmas present ever...a cordless Dyson! He did tread very carefully talking to me about this decision beforehand as he didn't want to offend me by giving me a gift for the house, and one that encourages me to do a better job at cleaning no less, or get in trouble for spending so much money. But he was well in the clear for thinking of such a thoughtful gift and months later it is still making my day to day life better. I don't think I have ever say the praises of a product as much as I have this vacuum cleaner. It is life changing.

My latest addiction.
Photo from Dyson.
My other new toy is much more realistically priced, yet it means that I can clean the house in a flash now (even though as I write this I should be mopping the floors, but hey, its raining so there's no point). It is a Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop that removes the need to carry around a bucket of water and keep returning to that bucket to wet the mop. You simply 'spray and wipe' your floors. This amazing tool was recommended to me and after seeing it in action I trotted off to Bunnings to buy one. And after taking it to my sister's place to clean when she was moving house she was so impressed that she went out and got herself one. Sharing the knowledge.

I can clean the whole house in less that two hours with my Dyson Rubbermaid duo-baby permitting.
Photo from Rubbermaid.

I have one new toy to go out and purchase. So lame, but last night (Valentine's Day) I went out with my besties and we ended up talking about what a changed person I am, and how I clean in a flash now (cleaning has never been one of my strengths, the veggie garden is where its at) accept when it comes to the shower. At which point my bestie started telling me about this great Vileda tool that her Mum uses to clean the shower, and she now uses. Since they don't sell these online the shopping hunt begins. Again, women just chatting, passing on knowledge and making life easier for each other. We did have a good laugh about how much our lives have changed.

Going to find out if this will make me clean the shower more regularly.
Photo from Vileda.

The best tool I have seen in action is Lara's food machine that I put on her Christmas wish list. Whilst on a picnic with friends I spotted their daughter eating great home made meals from this fancy 'sleeve' so we got talking about the Infantino Fresh Squeezed station and hours later we were at the shops purchasing the system. Then this Thursday I took one of the sleeves to Mums group and showed the below photos to my 'colleagues' on my phone. Hours later a Mum had told me that she just ordered the system online, and others are probably going to do the same. Sharing the knowledge of resources that make like easier just makes me feel good.

Its as easy as one, two, three.

What 'secret' tricks and tools do you use to make your job easier?

Note: Sadly none of these companies have approached me and offered me cash to write this post (but I would gladly take it), I just wanted to share with others the few things that have made my life easier, and hopefully they can help you too.

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