Friday, 14 March 2014


We FINALLY made it to SoCal in Neutral Bay for a weekend treat. I have been wanting to go to this restaurant since I saw them (on Instagram) preparing to open. Normally when you want to do something for so long by the time you finally do it the anticipation is so high that the experience is a total let down. However, this was not the case at SoCal.

When we arrived at the street front, as I had already assumed there was a flight of stairs to climb, and they were the only way in, so this venue isn't completely pram (or wheelchair) friendly. I left Mark and Lara downstairs as I quickly flew upstairs to do a sight inspection. Once at the top of the stairs I met a lovely lady who I informed what I was doing and she suggested a few places where we could comfortably park the pram. Excited I ran down the stairs to drag my family up for some tasty treats.

Image courtesy of SoCal.

We ordered the chorizo and cheese croquetas, and were informed by the waitress that they were delicious. She wasn't kidding. The blend of four cheeses and chorizo, that was just spicy enough, was delightful. The flavour and texture combination was perfect-I may have even been doing a little happy dance at the table.

Our second taster was pulled pork quesadilla with black bean and grilled eggplant, and it didn't let itself down after following the A-MAZ-ING croquetas. Mark picked up one of the hot sauces that was sitting on the tables and drizzled it on top of his quesadilla. It was so good he encouraged me to follow suit, and I'm glad I did as it was like botox for my cheeks, I couldn't stop smiling.

Since we had already had a light lunch and just needed something to tie us over until dinner time we decided not to order any more meals, but once we had finished our dishes our lovely waitress asked us if she could get us anything else, and if we would like to try the cheeros with chocolate and rum dipping sauce. I couldn't say no. I'm so glad that I didn't even bother trying to be self righteous. Sadly I haven't been to Spain to try traditional cheeros (yet) but I can say that these are the tastiest I've ever eaten. The outside was super crunchy whilst the inside was soft and donughty, and they soaked up the chocolate and rum sauce like a treat. I can highly suggest that once you finish off the cheeros you turn what is left of that dipping sauce in to the most decadent hot chocolate you have ever drunk. I did so unashamedly and I will do it again.

Image courtesy of SoCal.

The bar menu is also a treat for the senses. I indulged with a Mumma's Moonshine which I managed to make last for the whole meal. It was a delicious mix of vanilla infused vodka, pear juice, mint and lemon and had my name all over it. Whilst Mark enjoyed a beer that he hadn't tasted before, a Negra Modelo, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

The vibe is fun and relaxed with music like Very Superstitious playing at just the right volume for you to have a little bop along (yes, I'm officially old now) whilst maintaining a conversation without having to yell at your late lunch partner. However, this may not be the case as the evening progresses and the restaurant fills with lots of people ready to enjoy great food, cocktails and music. It must have been around 7:30pm when we decided it was time to leave-along with another family who followed us down the stairs with their little one in a pram.

At the end of the day this wasn't a cheap outing, but it was an enjoyable one. We shared two tapas, dessert, Mark had two beers and I had a cocktail all for approximately $90. We found everything to be great value, even though we are being somewhat surprised by how quickly things add up every time we eat out now. Do we sound like new parents?

----Ups to the tool who has messed with the Blogger code and made the use of some superlatives revert to the opposite during the publishing process. It encouraged me to explore my vocabulary and play with my writing style. Perhaps it will also encourage others to proof read their own entries.---

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