Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Who needs TV?

Watching Lara explore her world is something that I could do all day. Some evenings I sit making a list of all the jobs I still need to do and think "where did today go?". Then I realise that I was watching Lara learn how to roll from her back on to her tummy and back on to her back, or I was watching her army crawl, or do pull ups on her play gym (whilst I worried that something would break and she would bash her head on the floorboards).

Recently I have spent a lot of time watching her play with Baxter the Labrador who I think is her main inspiration for wanting to crawl. Seeing her dogs get around on all fours is good learning through observation, and lately Baxter has made a habit of just sitting far enough away from Lara on an angle that makes rolling to him very difficult. I think it is his way of teaching her how to crawl....but he may regret that in a few weeks. As may I-I got on the computer to search for play pens so I don't end up with a baby at my feet in the kitchen as she is already rolling all over the lounge room floor. Plus, if I leave it too late we could have a wild tiger on our hands that will throw a massive tantrum if she is suddenly caged in.

Lara has initiated playing hide and seek for a while now with her blankets, but yesterday was a lot of fun when she pulled my cardigan off the TV unit with the intention of playing hide and seek with me...it was also a timely reminder that I need to rid my old slobby ways and be tidy because Lara is now in to everything.

Whilst I'm entertained by her efforts to crawl, and proud of her determination, I'm also very aware that I don't have much time left before my life is going to have another complete change. It is impossible to keep Lady Lara still at the moment, so a crawling Lara is going to be exhausting. Lucky the cheeky little munchkin is so much fun.

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