Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Life Lessons

Gardner's treat.

We have experienced more than one life lesson this Easter long weekend, and I've been forced to take another look at life and remember that the most important thing is that we are kind to each. Our purpose in life is to spread joy where ever we go. Whilst lots is going on in my head at the moment, what I feel like writing about has got to do with the values I am teaching my daughter, as the impact you make on others, and the person you raise your child to be, is your legacy.

Kale and radish seedlings-protected from the chickens, possums, bandicoots and rabbits.

Why did I bother taking a boring photo of these kale seedlings? Because they are the first seeds I planted with my daughter. Granted she was only six and a half months old and didn't have the dexterity to sprinkle the seeds on the soil herself, she enjoyed watching me do it whilst we soaked up the sunshine together. Lara didn't understand why we covered the seeds up with dirt or why we were watering that dirt everyday, but the seedlings sprouted five days after we planted them (on her seven month birthday). So this morning I took her out to the veggie garden to show her that tiny green things had come out of the soil. She was genuinely impressed, as was I that she took so much interest. So now we watch as these plants continue to grow each day until they are ready for Lara's little hands to pick the leaves off and shove them in her mouth just like she did with the basil plant this morning.....she needs to find her words because she almost jumped out of my arms reaching for said basil. As for me, I can't find the words to express how much I love her, or how much joy she brings to my life every day.

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