Thursday, 1 May 2014

Paleo Biscuits

Almonds, desicated coconut, honey and coconut oil.

A friend sent me the link to this recipe just before ANZAC day-I guess my attempts at Paleo have been noted, that said I admit that I follow the Paleo lifestyle EXTREMELY loosely these days, regardless of all my good intentions. Sadly I have never had much willpower when I'm sleep deprived, this isn't an excuse, I've just accepted it because I'm so good at giving myself sh!t.

This recipe was appealing as I seriously wanted to bake biscuits for Anzac day as I have done for years, but I'm in the process of trying to work out if it is sugar or grains that my body is having some serious issues with these days....I'm hoping it is only one of them and not both, if given a choice I would ditch sugar because I really want to bake bread and make some fresh pasta. Anyway, I digress, this recipe was also good because I had all the ingredients in the pantry-or could make do.

What were my thoughts on the recipe and how this biscuit turned out? Well the recipe was well written and seemed promising, thus I attempted it. However, to call them Anzac biscuits, even with the word Paleo in front of them should be considered a crime. Admittedly I just blitzed some almonds because I didn't have almond flakes in the pantry so the texture turned out nothing like an Anzac biscuit, or how the biscuits looked in the official photo, but they also tasted nothing like an Anzac biscuit. I think the simple remedy to this would probably be to double the quantity of honey (and maybe reduce the coconut oil), which I may do if I make them again, as a healthy option for a digestive biscuit to enjoy with my hot cacao (which I'm seriously loving at the moment), not as a falsely marketed Anzac biscuit. Whats in a name?

The most ugly things I've baked in a long time.

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