Thursday, 2 October 2014

How to Celebrate a First Birthday

Lara's first birthday was a massive occasion that we celebrated with many family and friends for many days. Thankfully, after recovering from all that partying Lara and I were able to have a relaxing mother-daughter outing that involved two of our favourite things; animals and food...obviously the time since then hasn't been as relaxing as I'm only just writing about it now.

Mark and I knew that our little lady would be absolutely spoiled rotten with toys and clothes for her birthday, so we decided to get a Zoo Friends Membership as our present to her, since she is displaying an early love for animals. Not to mention that I love any excuse to go to the zoo, and it is a really good way to exercise without even realising it. So now we can drop in on our way to or from lunch outings, or plan to have a whole day week we are going to go and have morning tea with the new baby chimps.

Lara showed plenty of signs of absolutely loving her present as soon as we arrived at the zoo, pointing at the wild birds that roam the grounds and then spotting the first animal on exhibit; Nala the Tree Kangaroo. At first Nala was just chilling out, and I wondered if Lara would see her, but then all of a sudden this adorable animal looked straight at Lara who chirped and pointed in excitement as it appeared that the two of them acknowledged each other. And then this cheeky little animal put on a show, climbing along ropes and showing off her skills. Lara was very impressed.

Look Mum, Nala is putting on a show for us!

As we made our way towards the kids trail Lara spotted kangaroos, which she found surprisingly entertaining, and enough tourists with great accents for her to charm so they would talk to her....sometimes I worry that she would go home with anybody, she just seems to make friends where ever we go.

In the Backyard to Bush Kids Trail Lara was impressed when she saw a real sheep, they don't look that different to how they do in her books, and they feel rather different to her dogs. Then she saw, AND heard the pigs grunting away getting excited about their food, and she thought they were hilarious. Next she identified the chickens (even though they were fluffy little Bantums and look very different to our Australorps, so I was impressed), but one of the most exciting parts of our zoo visit must have been Lara meeting a children's Python. At first she was very cautious of it, rightly so, but then as she warmed up to it, and saw me patting it, she thought she would touch it, and the smile that came to her face during this interaction was priceless! It was almost like she knew she was being brave.

Lara meets a snake.

I don't know about this Mister.

This doesn't feel like Jet or Baxter.

After walking around for a little bit we decided to sit with the Elephants to have our afternoon tea treat. Our favourite; chocolate croissant, from the best place in Sydney La Renaissance. I don't think it will be long until I will have to buy two, because whilst Lara and I love sharing with each other, I think quietly we were both thinking "she got more than me". It is a serious case of like mother, like daughter when it comes to food with us two.

Lara and I hanging out with the Elephants...too distracted for a selfie!
As the day was getting on, and Lara was approaching her nap time, we headed up towards the Giraffes and Chimpanzees, but unfortunately the chimps weren't outside, so we are going back next week to see them. Hopefully we will be lucky with the weather again. So many adventures and learning opportunities lay ahead.

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