Friday, 12 December 2014

Rain, Rain, Come Again

It seems like everyone at the moment is miserable about the afternoon storms and rainfall we are having in Sydney. Everyone except me and my veggie garden that is. Don't get me wrong, I am seriously effected by the weather, and need sunshine to brighten up my day and mood. However, at the moment we are getting sunny mornings (today is an exception), nice warm days and rain in the afternoon to cool everything down before we go to bed, and of course, water my garden. That means one less job for me to do, and paying for less water, so I'm a happy girl-yes, I'm still hanging on to my youth by calling myself a girl.

The veggie garden is loving the regular soaking. So much so that I'm currently getting away without mulching it. The mulch is sitting in the shed, just waiting for me to make time to do it. Regardless, we are getting a good crop of tomatoes, beans, eggplant, strawberries, cucumber and enough herbs to open a herb store. Admittedly the herbs are also doing a great job at making the veggie garden look more productive than it is, and keep the weeds at bay. They are also doing a good job at rapidly spreading over where I have planted lettuce seeds, so we are lacking lettuce at the moment, but that just makes for great basil salad.

The girls (chickens) are also loving the longer days and warmer weather, so we are getting lots of eggs. And I'm proud to say that we haven't brought bread for months now, I just keep making it and the loaves just keep getting better. Mark has also caught the bread making bug, so Sundays are often a team effort bread making day.

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