Saturday, 25 April 2015

Baking Bread

I've baked a few loaves of simple whit bread this week. Not because I have any spare time to play in the kitchen-in fact, I have so little spare time that I'm typing one handed as Olivia breastfeeds and Lara sleeps-but because I want my family to eat bread without nasty stuff in it, and I don't want to pay through the nose for the privilege,  In order to create baking time I've been incorporating making bread in to my toddler's interactive learning, and so far she is a pretty good observer who doesn't 'help' (dip the spoon in the water, lick it and then put it back in the water that is going to go in the bread) too often. Not to mention that my food obsessed mini me and Mark loves being involved in the kitchen.

Cold, wet rainy days proved perfect for baking earlier in the week. You don't feel guilty for keeping your kids home all day, because leaving the house means braving the weather, and that is something you just don't do unless absolutely necessary. And there is the added bonus of the grey weather making babies drowsy-truth be told it makes me drowsy too.

Kitchen Aid White Crusty Loaf

As it had been a while since the last time I made bread, and my flour stock was, and still is, very basic during the storm, I found a recipe for a white loaf that only needed white flour. The recipe called for quite a lot of sugar, which ordinarily I would have omitted, but my brain wasn't capable of processing simple baking science at the time, so I followed the recipe to the letter. In the end the bread turned out relatively well, but I decided to try a different recipe next time.

The next time came two days later. I still hadn't bought any new flour, which meant we were looking at another deliciously dirty white loaf. I went to google and gave this recipe a whirl, literally, kneading the bread with my trusty Kitchenaid mixer even though the recipe said to hand knead. And that may be why the recipe failed and I ended up adding more flour, and then hand kneading for a few minutes at the end to rescue it. Yet, as expected, this loaf that will be hard to replicate has been my best so far. However, the search for the best white loaf continues. Do you have a great bread recipe that I should try?

Basic White Bread with a twist.

Now that my flour supplies are almost all used up I need to restock, so I'm about to look at some 'wholefood' options for baking delicious bread. 

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