Monday, 20 April 2015

Don't Hold Back

Eugalo Farm eggs.

A few mornings ago the girls and I had a splurge. We drove to Palm Beach and Lara and I had a special breakfast date at The Boathouse. Why did we do that? Two reasons really, I'm making an effort to still go out and do fun things with Lara now that she has a baby sister (who she loves and is adjusting very well to), and I bought a new car, so I wanted to go for a drive.

Honestly, I was in denial about needing a bigger car once I had two babies. A few people told me I would need to upsize, but I liked my old car and figured it would be a challenge, but I could make it work for a year or so. Thus allowing more saving time, and putting off being a mum with a massive car that I can't park due to sleep deprivation. I was WRONG! (Not about the parking part, I'm going to have to practice). I had forgotten about doubling up the pram and how wide the baby car seats are, and how much crap you cart around with a newborn who is likely to vomit, poo or both all over everything. So, here it goes, I'm going to say it, I bought a Jeep. A total splurge which Mark and I had heart palpitations over, but we love it even more now than we did when we test drove it. At the age of thirty one I am finally driving a brand new car that I chose for me, not a very much appreciated hand-me-down (trade in) from a family member.  and their slogan "don't hold back" was written for me.

The Boathouse breakfast menu.

So Lara and I sat out on the deck and enjoyed breakfast and the scenery at The Boathouse, whilst Olivia snoozed all rugged up in her bassinet. As expected Lara demolished most of our freshly squeezed orange juice, there is no beating freshly squeezed OJ, and devoured most of the pork in my Eugalo Farm eggs. This dish was amazing, the eggs were deep fried with a sesame seed mix, and inside were perfectly poached eggs with yolks that were ever so golden, the slow cooked pork was delicious (just ask Lara) and the chilli sauce was lovely and sweet with the perfect amount of kick to it, even though I only had a little taste to avoid upsetting Olivia's tummy. Not that it worked as she projectile vomited everywhere just as I put her in her car seat. Luckily I caught most of it with her blanket...a minute later and the nice new leather smell would have been masked by perfume a la puke. Maybe next time I will order something less fatty, but that truly was the breakfast of champions and an absolute winner for a breastfeeding mum of two kids under two who needs to eat enough to feed an army, so next time I might just chance it and see if my little lady's tummy has adjusted to fats. If not, we should be fine since my nice new car has room for us to carry spare blankets and a change of clothes for all of us.

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