Friday, 11 September 2015


Winning Nutella milkshake.
Oh dear, it has been some time since we went on a lunch date to Nook. The photos have been sitting in a draft blog post just waiting for me to write about this experience. Mum life with two babies under two is a game of swings and roundabouts, a very fun game, but sometimes, like when they are both teething at the same time, want constant cuddles and bury you in some amazingly disgusting nappies, you just have to rest when they sleep, and accept the fact that your brain is a big pile of mush, but everything will be OK again in a week or two.

So, my thoughts about Nook. Would I go back to Nook? Possibly; the food was tasty, there was room for our double decker pram and the location is relatively central for a family lunch-break date in the city which is a huge plus. However, my first coffee was cold and as a breastfeeding Mum I'm on coffee rashions, so I did ask for another, whilst apologising profusely and explaining such rasions. I was more than happy with my second coffee which was hot, and delicious. Our lunch got lost in the cue somewhere meaning my family of workers had to rush back to the office, so we didn't get to enjoy our meal as much as we would have liked to. Was it uncanny that once my food finally arrived there was a really long hair in it? I would like to think so. Honestly, I was half way through my meal by the time I found it and didn't want to complain again. Perhaps next time we will just get a Nutella milkshake to go, since that was amazing-just ask Lara.

Poached eggs and haloumi stack-who says its breakfast only food?

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