Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Youeni Foodstore

The Best Quinoa Porridge

A breakfast date with my Aunty and Cousin meant that we ventured out of our neck of the woods, over to the hills district where they live. My cousin asked me where I wanted to go, so I did some research and came up with two places, it turned out that she had been wanting to try both of them for ages. I love how similar we are.

We went to Youeni Foodstore, a health conscious cafe with a focus on good coffee, which pretty much sums me up at a table. I enjoy eating healthy, having treats in moderation, and at the moment you don't want to see me on a day when I haven't had coffee...I even scare myself on those days, mostly with my own level of stupidity, but that's another story. Like a lot of places lately, the decor isn't what I'd call pram friendly, but we shape shifted our way to a table without annoying too many people, and I'm sure glad we did.

Mark went for the make your own breakfast option, which meant he had eggs with the lot. This came with homemade bread, and as a bread maker I can vouch that it was delicious. It was also nice to get a good quality egg at a cafe...again, we are spoilt with eggs from our chickens at home and often disappointed with the quality of eggs when we (rarely) have breakfast out. Mark often is happy to share his food with Lara and I, but we didn't get a taste of this, enough said.

Make your own breakfast-chef supplied.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Best Quinoa 'Porridge' with all the bells and whistles. As my Nana used to say I could "feel it doing me good" thanks to all the delicious, healthy favourites such as ginger, flaked coconut and cacao. I'm sad to say that my attempts to replicate it at home have failed miserably, however, that breakfast has led me to add coconut flakes to my porridge which is a huge step forward in easily upping the nutritional value of a meal whilst keeping it delicious.

If you are in the Hills area, Youeni Foodstore is a must.

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