Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Little Box Coffee Co.

@latteartporn back in action.

A new cafe has hit Newport, and I must confess that I may have instagram stalked and followed the barista to Little Box Coffee Co which opened only four days ago. It was the perfect option this morning, when I asked Lara what she wanted to do and she requested that the whole family go out together, so Mark joined us for a quick morning coffee date before work. It was a great start to the day.

My family enjoying perfectly made beverages.

I was expecting a really nice coffee since I know these guys have been working in collaboration with Barrel One Coffee Roasters (who I'm also stalking since I miss their skills too) and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The flavour is still gently lingering in my mouth-not that nasty, I need to drink a litre of water lingering that is all too familiar with coffee- but a want for a second cup because the aroma was so smooth and complex and the flavour was such a treat that I managed to savour my coffee rather than skull it.

The 'little box' that they are in was my old hairdresser, so I know how tiny it us, thus we didn't expect to be able to get breakfast there. However there is a nice simple, well priced menu, so I will probably get smashed avocado toast ($9), and Mark will probably get the bacon and egg roll ($7) next time we go....which will probably be soon, coffee like that is hard to stay away from.

Brothers Matt and Dan have achieved a lot, and really have something to be proud of. The decor is fresh and inviting, especially considering the space they have to work with. Green turf mats establish the outside seating area, and succulents on the tables do a great job at detracting from the busy road. At the moment if I'm being completely honest they seem a bit worn out, and that is completely justifiable, but hopefully when things settle down a bit we will have the two very happy, friendly baristas that I came to know some time ago.

The fact that Little Box Coffee Co are right next door to my favourite florist (who did our wedding flowers) could be a deadly combination. It made for a lovely morning for the senses, seeing and smelling the beautiful flowers at Wild Lotus Florist and then smelling and tasting the coffee at Little Box....this could get deadly.

Mum Notes 
There wasn't a high chair in sight (and I didn't ask for one since we were having a quick stop), but there is plenty of room for pram parking, and the tables and chairs are at a good height for my petite two year old. There was also a great wooden game that kept Lara thoroughly entertained, and she hasn't expressed so much approval of a babycino since the first few her Dad made her at home...I may be a little chuffed that my daughter can also tell that Matt and Dan have skills, and obviously use good produce as Lara said "yummy chocolate in milk Mum". 

We may need to put restrictions on ourselves.

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