Thursday, 10 December 2015


Rough & Bare (yep, that is seriously what they called it) is the new restaurant in Mona Vale, and it is super health focused. I went and checked it out one Friday morning with Mark and Olivia, who both thoroughly enjoyed their meals, and I think all I need to say about my meal, is that when I went back with a friend on the same weekend the waitress told the chef "this is the lady who pretty much licked the plate".

All their principals sit well with what I'm wanting my familys' life to entail; organic, biodynamic food that is grown locally, not only is it better for us, but it tastes better too. The team at Rough & Bare are pro good fats, and avoid sugar. Basically, it is dead easy to go here and chose anything deliciously healthy on the menu without having to put any thought into it. That said, you do pay for the premium food and service....but you also get longer lasting energy from eating real food.

On my first visit I had perfectly poached eggs with baby spinach, the most amazing beetroot relish, cured salmon and some nutty cracker things that Olivia definitely approved of. My second visit I felt like something light (and was being cheap) so I had the broth, and whilst it was delicious, I was expecting more spinach or something substantial in my broth, so I was a little hungry and disappointed-hangry is very real for me. But for the first time I ventured out and had a turmeric latte, and I can highly recommend it. Sounds gross, tastes good.

Depending on how many eggs my chickens lay today (another post) we may end up having a family breakfast date at Rough & Bare tomorrow.

I have also heard from a reliable source that the land across the street is set to become a playground, so fingers crossed that happens sooner rather than later, and it will be the perfect spot to have mum and little ones lunch dates.

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