Friday, 19 February 2016

Concrete Pots

For a long time now Mark and I have been talking about making concrete pots to contain two of my many hobbies; candles and succulents. We had made a few prototypes that weren't anything amazing, but were scattered around the house and garden anyway. Then all of a sudden my sister and her now husband wanted concrete pots for their wedding; so the deadline was set and we gladly accepted the mission. Naturally Mark worked on making the best looking concrete pots around. My husband the perfectionist, made beautiful vessels for me to work with...the only problem is, he still hasn't taught me how to make them, and I don't think he has any plans of making them for me this weekend, thus my creativity is currently on hold.

I love the combination of smoothness with air bubbles.

Now I have a growing collection of coffee cups and containers waiting to be reused as moulds or succulent beds (which makes me feel a lot better about all the 'single use' containers that we purchase) a whole heap of succulent babies that need homes, and of course a desire to make more candles in these gorgeous industrial looking pots. Making things makes me happy, it makes my husband happy, and it makes my children happy. I'm yet to inform Mark that Lara has put in a custom order for another little pot plant for Olivia's room though. Lara claimed a tiny succulent for her room, and has watched Mum and Dad make these things that she likes, so it is perfectly normal for her to ask us to make more. 

Propagating succulents-don't start, it's addictive!

As I sit here gulping down a cup of caffeine in desperation to get the energy to do housework, I'm thinking about being outside in our backyard making things as a family this weekend...and stopping myself from going outside and pottering around right now. Plus, it's Friday, and I'm seriously looking forward to a glass of white wine tonight-which gets me to thinking about making a concrete wine cooler, it would be much harder to knock over after a few too many drinks.

Cheers All, have a great weekend!

Turns out flapjacks can look good.

Candles and succulents.

This is where I want to be; planting out in the sun.

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