Monday, 1 February 2016


House roasted coffee, sweet potato chips and chicken burger.

Olivia and I were out doing errands in Curl Curl when I realised it was already lunch time, and that we haven't managed to have a ladies lunch with just the two of us yet. So, we drove down the road and stumbled upon COOH, an organic cafe that we were able to park right across the road from-which was important since a storm was threatening.

This relaxed little cafe is really understated and welcoming. Olivia and I sat at a lounge at the back of the restaurant, which was perfect for her first course (breastfeeding) and surprisingly comfy. My first sip of coffee I enjoyed the overall flavour, but did get a hint of bitterness. Still, it was nice to have a coffee that wasn't the standard boring crowd pleaser, and had a bit of life to it.

When I was ordering I couldn't decide if I wanted the chicken or the beef burger as they both looked great, in the end I went with the chicken burger for $12 which was absolutely delicious. It came with nitrate free bacon, cheese and avocado salsa, rocket and had just the right amount of lime in the tzaziki. All that for only $12 might just be enough to get me venturing over the Narrabeen bridge more often, haha.

10 month old food critic, Olivia.

I'm people watching mum, I can't pose right now.

Olivia has been a pretty tough food critic the last few days, but you wouldn't know it when she smashed her small bowl of sweet potato chips which only set us back $4. She even enjoyed the aioli that they came with-even though I scoffed most of it....I had to test that everything wasn't too hot or spicy for her.

The best thing about this cafe is that it proves that eating healthy, delicious food that hasn't been smashed by nasty chemicals doesn't have to cost a fortune. Organic and fantastic.

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