Monday, 7 March 2016

Meerkat Madness

My babies are growing up far too quickly. The latest smack in the face realisation of this came last week when we went to Taronga Zoo. Lara (two years and five months) and Olivia (11 months) stood and talked to the meerkats. Of course, Olivia wants to do everything Lara does at the moment, which is gorgeously ambitious and a major pain in my ass.

It melted my heart when Olivia got all excited talking to the meerkats (albeit completely ignoring the sign not to bash on the glass), and Lara proudly supported and guided her little sister with a gentle hand on her back. Just quietly I think it's safe to assume that Lara is pretty proud of her little sister.

Daddy meerkat asking Lara if he can look for treats in her hair.
 I may or may not have been slightly offended when Olivia, who rarely finds the need to say 'Mum' decided to say 'meerkat'. I wonder if the Daddy meerkat receives the same amount of appreciation for all of his hard work.

The Chameleon who entertained us and the masses, so much personality. 

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