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Hi, my name is Nadene. I started this blog back in the Summer of 2010 as a means of keeping a visual diary of my veggie garden, chickens and new lifestyle up on Sydney's Northern Beaches. It quickly became a means of showing my family and friends what I was doing in my fun time, and before I knew it I was addicted to keeping a visual diary.

There have been times when I have disappeared from blogging for months on end, due to all sorts of reasons. My recent excuses are Lara my super busy, super fun toddler, and her baby sister Olivia.

My family now (2015). Photo Sheridan Nilsson.

I'm guilty of having grand plans of achieving a hundred things in one day, but am learning to give myself a break, and do the fun stuff first, because the housework will never go anywhere. My idea of a perfect day is waking up to a spotless house, cooking up a delicious breakfast with my family that consists of goodies picked freshly from the garden, and a cleaning fairy coming in and dealing with the mess whilst we dance, play piano and head down to the beach.

If you were to visit us at home you would more than likely find me pottering around the veggie garden and chicken coop with my four babies; my two fur babies Jet and Baxter, and the humans who have debunked them, Lara and Olivia. Now that I have two babies the house is the cleanest and tidiest it ever has been, but I have learnt not to kid myself, I can happily go and play in the garden, sit and craft or write and ignore the dusting that needs doing. I can also just as easily leave the house without the beds made to go and have ladies lunches with some very lovely friends and family.

My little helper (Lara) and I were out in the garden together from the very beginning.

Before having Lara I put a whole heap of energy in to the veggie garden in an attempt to grow food to feed my family a healthy, organic diet that I can pick from the soil rather than a supermarket shelf. This was a very successful venture for quite some time, but recently we renovated our kitchen, whilst I was pregnant with Olivia, and that took precedence over the veggie garden, so now I'm working on getting things back on track. The best part is that Lara loves picking strawberries, beans and mint straight from the garden and eating them, and she is already proving to be a great helper. She is also pretty keen at telling me when we need to go out and feed the chickens (she clucks like the chickens and points out the back to them), and collect the eggs. We are a very long way off being self sufficient, but we do consume food from our backyard every day, so that is a pretty great achievement in my book. Nothing makes me feel better than watching my daughter go 'mmmm' when she is eating something I've grown for us...no doubt I will have to battle my two daughters to get the strawberries next season.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era, but thankfully so was my husband and whilst we have many modern values and see each other as equals, I think we are both very excited about the old fashioned direction our lifestyles have taken. Now that I'm a 'Professional Mum' we don't go out for as many dinner dates (darn budgeting), but we do enjoy my homemade bread, and being parents couldn't make us happier....even though some nights we can't wait for the kids bedtime.

Lara and I enjoying nature.

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